Coding Decoding Tricks for Competitive Exams

Coding Decoding is a really important part of all competitive Exams like SSC, IBPS, Railways, SBI, RBI & all other Exams.

There is almost 5-10 questions of coding Decoding are asked in IBPS PO bank Exams & other Exams.


The problem of coding decoding can be of Mostly questions on Coding-Decoding in Fictitious Language and Coding by Analogy. Possible questions could also include Coding-Decoding by Letter Shifting, and Coding Letters of a Word.

There are different types of coding decoding

  1. Letter coding
  2. Number coding
  3. Mixed coding
  4. Mixed number coding
  5. Decoding
  6. Symbol decoding

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So learning this part is very important as we can’t even lose 1 marks in the competitive exams.

So the way is explained here how to solve this problem.

coding decoding 3
Coding decoding Problem
coding decoding 2
Coding Decoding problem

Best of Luck for Your Exam Preparation