How Do I Reduce Exam Stress


Are you stressed because Exams are close, & you don’t have enough Preparation.

Don’t worry. Here I am providing some Tips to remove stress.

Follow these steps & Remove Exam Tension.

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What Should I Do To Beat Exam Stress?

1. Revision Tips

  • Make a Study Plan.
  • While Revising, Practice Writing.
  • Spend same time on revision as on reading.
  • Vary Subjects & problem, so you will not get bored with same problem.
  • Practice Writing Answer under Exams.

revision tips

2. Practice Relaxation Techniques

  • Take more consistent Breaks.
  • Avoid loud Music, TV & Mobile
  • Workout, Practice Yoga to Remove Stress.
  •  Take a 10 to 15 minute break every 60 minutes.
  • Go for a run.
  • Get your body moving.

you should Read Motivational Blogs

practice relaxation

3. Take Care of Yourself

  • Eat Proper food.
  • Take snakes time to time.
  • Try to Get Good Sleep.
  • Stay Hydrated.
  • Get out in Air & Enjoy Fresh Air.

take care of ur

4. Study to Learn, Not for High Marks

  • Don’t think about the Result, Just focus on Studies.
  • Make a Habit to Use Notes.
  • Create your own notes.
  • Write what you Study.
  • Make short points.
  • Try to take test of yourself.

study to lrn

5. Don’t Be Panic

  • Just Keep Calm.
  • Take Stay Away From you.
  • Eat dark Chocolate.
  • Play with puppies.
  • By Being Panic, you will not able to learn Anything.


6. Stay Positive & Be Confident

  • Watch inspirational videos.
  • Listen Uplifting music.
  • Remember to laugh.
  • The sillier you get, the less tension you will feel…!!


7. On The Exam Day

  • Prepare yourself 1 day before the Exam.
  • Find the things you Need in the exam.
  • Take proper rest before the exam.
  • Don’t forget your important documents like Admit Card at home.
  • Arrive on the Exam Hall on Right Time.

exam day

Best of luck 🙂

best of


How Can I Crack CBSE UGC NET Exam 2016?

CBSE UGC NET exam is on 10 July 2016 this year. Candidates who are preparing for UGC NET Exam, they are very much worried about the Exam. There are so many doubts in their mind about the Exam.

Here you will find the solution of your all doubts. Know How you can crack CBSE UGC NET Exam 2016.

tips for CBSE UGC NET
CBSE UGC NET Exam 2016 Preparation Tips
  1. Note Down The Whole Syllabus:

Firstly, all candidates should note down the whole syllabus of NET Exam.

There are 3 papers in CBSE NET.

Paper Marks Questions Duration Time Negative Marking
I 100 60 Questions in which 50 to be attempted 75 minutes 09.30 am To 10.45 am No
II 100 50 All compulsory 75 minutes 10.45 am To 12.00 Noon No
III 150 75 All compulsory 150 minutes 01.30 pm To 04.00 pm  No

2. Prepare notes:

  • Candidates should try to prepare Notes.
  • Daily Write down what you have learn.
  • Try to make Easy notes.
  • Use Good Books For reading 7 Preparation.
  • highlight or outline specific points in your books or notepad, which will help you at the Revision time.
  • Stay updated.

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3.Try To Solve Mock Test Papers & Sample Papers:

Yes guys, This is really important for all to solve Mock Test Papers & Previous Year Question Papers. It gives us an idea about the exam. & Helps us to know at which point we are weak. & Which topic is having more time to be solved.

4. Don’t Neglect Paper I:

To pay attention to all 3 papers is a very important thing.

Candidates should prepare for Papers I as they are preparing for other Papers. It is a MCQs based on an Aptitude Test. This UGC NET Paper I is to check your Time management & Skill test.

5. Revision:

Revision of the syllabus what you have learned is very important. Try to use your notes for revision. By Revising the syllabus, you will know, what mistakes you are making. & what topic is not clear to you.

Leave the Last 10 days before the Exam for the Revision Session.

6. IN The Exams:

  • Try to Solve all the Questions in the Exam, because there is no negative marking in UGC NET Papers.
  • Don’t lose your confidence, you can clear the Exam easily. You have prepared very hard for the Exam.
  • Try to manage your time during the Exams. Don’t waste your time on 1 question if you are not getting the right answer for it.

These are the best tips to prepare for CBSE UGC NET Exam. Follow these steps & Crack UGC NET.

Best of Luck 🙂